Terms and conditions

The following rules apply to the tenancy:

1. The contract is stipulated for a minimum of 2 days. Check-in is after 15:30 h and check-out before 10:00 h The Tenant shall return the keys before 10:00 h, leave the accommodation in the conditions in which they found it, not leave behind personal objects and leave all the services made available to them, the furniture and all items listed in the inventory in perfect conditions.

2. The property is intended for residential use only

3. The Tenant cannot sublet part or the entire property to third parties, nor transfer the contract to third parties. Any violations of this rule will cause the lawful termination of the contract.

4. The Tenant shall pay a deposit of €180,00 as guarantee. The amount will be returned after the check-out procedure – confirming the good conditions of the premises and that no items are missing, etc. – has been completed.

5. During the tenancy the Tenant shall allow the Landlord and anyone appointed by them to access the premises if necessary – after providing a reason.

6. The Tenant shall keep the accommodation, and all its content, in perfect conditions for the entire duration of the tenancy. The Tenant shall not carry out troublesome, insalubrious, harmful, dangerous and unlawful activities on the premises. Shall not store inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials on the premises, nor conduct any commercial activities therein.

7. The Tenant will be solely and exclusively responsible and will not hold the Landlord liable for: – any damages caused to people or property by service installations and supplies of the temporarily let property; – any damages, breaks or losses occurred on the premises, caused by the Tenant or by anyone sharing the apartment with them.

8. The Tenant shall not carry out work, or make any changes without the Landlord’s written consent. Shall not drill or make holes in the walls.

9. The Landlord shall pay water, electricity, gas, and any other utility bill (the cost of which is included in the rent), and shall keep said services in good working conditions; the Landlord will also take care of the insurance of the property. Stamp duty fees for this contract, and future receipts, shall be met by the Landlord.

10. The Landlord shall register the contract and, if required, shall ask the Tenant for their share, equal to 50%.

11. For all intents and purposes of this contract, including the notification of executive acts and competence purposes, the Tenant is domiciled at the rented property and, in the event they no longer live there or have access, at the Administration Office of the Municipality in which the property is located.

12. Any changes to this contract, to be valid and applicable shall be in writing.

13. The Landlord and the Tenant authorise each other to provide their personal data to third parties for purposes relevant to this agreement (Legislative Decree n. 196, 30 June 2003).

14. Any matters not expressly included in this agreement will be settled exclusively in accordance with the provision of the Italian Civil Code.

15. The parties expressly declare and agree:

That the Tenant has viewed the property’s characteristics on the website and found it fit for the agreed purpose and will take possession of the property from the moment they collect the keys.

That the property will be used by the Tenant only as a secondary accommodation, and that their first home is located elsewhere, as indicated on the certificate/auto certification of residency that they will present when they collect the keys.

That the Landlord has agreed to stipulate this contract based exclusively on the Tenant’s abovementioned declarations.

That the Tenant shall not duplicate and/or give the keys of the property to third parties and/or reveal any access codes to the building. That the Tenant will bear the cost of replacing the lock and of 5 new sets of keys in the event of losing/breaking the keys or the lock, plus any administrative costs.

16. The undersigned parties agree that the Courts of Verona shall have exclusive jurisdiction and expressly renounce any other jurisdiction. Italian Laws apply; in particular Law 431/98 on house leases.

In accordance with Art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Tenant declares to have read and accepted the terms and conditions and the provisions above, in particular rules 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 12.